Why Study Beauty or Makeup?

Why Study Beauty or Makeup?

The Beauty industry is one of the most evolving industries in the world. Are you someone who needs to keep learning? Do you have a desire to keep up with the trends? We have put together a number of courses to help you advance in your new chosen career!

Where do I get started?

Depending on your interest, whether its Makeup or Beauty (maybe both), we have some options for you! We offer internationally recognised courses that are fully insurable and at an amazing price!

ITEC Certificate in Makeup Course – for those looking to become Qualified Makeup Artists! This 15-week course allows you to discover your own style and passion for makeup. Discover the ins and outs of what it takes to become a Qualified Makeup Artist. Here at FX Makeup Academy, we offer all our knowledge and life skills to prepare you for the industry.

The opportunities within the makeup world are endless! You can work for yourself, a salon, professional counter, on photoshoots, charity events and much more! We offer as much work experience as we can during your course to ensure you get everything you need to prepare you for your new career! We have so many success stories from our past students that have went onto be very successful after completing their course!

If 15 weeks isn’t enough and you’d like to study further? We offer an ITEC Advanced Makeup Certificate! This combined with your first course, after completion you will hold an ITEC Diploma in Makeup Artistry! The highest professional qualification you can get in Ireland!! Dive into era makeup, costume, special effects, theatre and so much more!! A real all rounder if you’re looking to dive into the television side of the industry!

ITEC Beauty Specialist Course – have you more of an interest in relaxing beauty treatments? Looking to be able to offer facials and eye treatments? I mean who wouldn’t want to study and get a facial once a week in class?

Our 15-week course is offered on a part time basis to ensure maximum learning potential from all students evolved! Each class includes a theoretical topic and a practical topic to ensure top engagement between tutors and students! Don’t worry if you have other commitments! Our courses have a set day and time allowing it to fit into your schedule no matter how busy!

During this course you will get to learn all about how our body and skin works! We’ll divulge into all the different skin types, characteristics and skin issues that your client’s might experience! Choose a career that allows you to make people feel their best at all times!

From facials, to extractions, pre heat treatments, eyebrow shaping and tinting, lash tinting, facial massage and much more! This course is perfect for anyone looking to get started with their treatments! This course opens so many doors to other opportunities! Our Beauty courses don’t just stop there, we offer a number of advanced courses for you to choose once you have completed our ITEC Beauty Specialist course!

Add our ITEC Manicure & Pedicure and ITEC Waxing courses and turn your Beauty Certificate into a Diploma!! Don’t just stop there take a look at our Advanced Beauty Courses!! ITEC Facial Electrotherapy course is the next stepping stone that will then allow you to advance onto Aesthetics!! We offer so much here at FX Makeup Academy; no dream is too big. Why not start your new career by enquiring today!

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