Advanced Beauty Course Ireland, Brand new to FXMA!

Advanced Beauty Courses Ireland is a subsidiary of FX Makeup Academy! Offering you state of the art courses in the Advanced Beauty field! While at FX Makeup Academy we offer Beauty Courses to get you started in the industry, Advanced Beauty Courses Ireland is looking to take you that step further in your career!


Advanced Beauty Courses Ireland offers Advanced courses in Facial Electrics, Dermaplaning, Micro-Needling and soon to be Laser hair removal as well as Aesthetics!!

Although Advanced Beauty Courses Ireland is a new company to step into the Beauty industry, its Owner Emma Smith isn’t new to the game! With over 20 years’ experience and a proud owner of FX Makeup Academy for the last 6 years, Emma wanted to expand her teaching abilities and offer new treatments for her past and new students to advance onto!

Advanced Beauty Courses Ireland has launched its brand new website in 2021 and is excited to welcome new students to its Academy based in Blanchardstown.

If you are someone who is studying or has an ITEC Certificate in Beauty Specialist it’s a must to check out what we have to offer in ABCI!! If you’re serious about your career and are looking to take the next step, have a look at the success and knowledge that ABCI can bring.