FX Makeup Academy won Makeup Salon of the year 2017!!

FX Makeup Academy was nominated for two awards in the 2nd Irish Hair and Beauty Awards 2017 this Sunday. The Irish Hair and Beauty awards is run and organised by Oceanic Creative. These awards are organised to show to appreciation for everyone who works hard in the beauty industry which in the last two years has blown up incredibly. The beauty industry is huge from beauticians looking after your skin, to hairdressers transforming your hair to makeup artists who enhance your features to training schools across Ireland who strive to train people to become the best in the beauty industry!

The Irish Hair and Beauty awards where held in the Crowne Plaza and it was a glitz and glam event, everyone in the beauty industry came together on the night to show appreciation and support to each other and it was amazing to be a part of.

FXMA won our first award for Makeup Salon of the Year 2017 and we are so overwhelmed and privileged to have won this category and such an amazing award. Being nominated was an honor to us and of course to everyone because it shows all your hard work, sweat and tears is being acknowledged and appreciated.

FXMA would like to thank everyone who supported us over the last 3 years, everyone who nominated us and voted for us throughout the process. We would like to thank all our fabulous students; past, present and future, because without you this would not be possible!

We are so thankful for everything and its onwards and upwards from here!

Thank you,

FXMA Team <3