How to create a structured brow!

Do you ever struggle with your brows? Well we have the perfect step by step for you! 

First you want to grab the brow product of your choice, a spoolie (clean mascara wand) and brush of choice. I have used a thin angled brush and brow gel.  

Using the spoolie, brush your brow hairs upwards so you can see where to draw the bottom line of your brow.  

Draw a thin line under the bottom of your brow using minimal pressure to ensure the line stays thin. This begins to create the body of the brow! 

Again, using the spoolie, brush your brow hairs downwards so you can see where the top line of your brow should be! This works great for those who may have long brow hairs like myself. Draw your top line, following towards the arch and follow down towards the tail of the brow.  

Using some more product, fill in between those 2 lines, avoiding the front of the brow. The less product in the front of the brow the better to prevent them looking too harsh. 

Take some concealer and a flat concealer brush, were going to carve out the brow!  

Offload the concealer on the lid first before going near the brow to avoid it from going too close to your brow and ruining your work. 

Bring whatever concealer is left on your brush right up under the bow to carve it out! You can also carve the top of your brow with concealer if needed. BOOM BROWS! 


  • Use light pressure when doing the outer lines of the brow to keep them thin.  
  • Use less product at the front of your brows to prevent them from looking too harsh.  
  • Carving the brow with concealer gives it a clean and sharp finish even if the shape didn’t go great using brow product, you can save it with concealer!