How to create in perfect winged liner!

Ever struggle to get that perfect winged liner? Well we have the perfect step by step for you.  

Firstly, you want a good base to start you off! Winged liner can be added once all your eyeshadow work is done. To make it easier for you to see the eyeliner, my base is just concealer set with a cream eyeshadow. 

For winged liner its super important that you use a nice thin brush! Angled brushes can be a lot easier to use as they’re the perfect shape to create a wing. Using gel liner is best for winged liner as it lasts the longest and is waterproof! I would recommend Inglot’s 77 gel liner or Maybelline’s Blackest Black gel liner.  

Very lightly trace a thin liner out from the very corner of your eye! Check to see where your lids connect on the very outer corner, this is where your wing should come out from. Light pressure is key as it’ll help achieve that thin line.  

Lightly sketch on top of that line and back it back in towards your lid, this creates the body of your wing! Ensure your pressure stays very light the whole way through.  

Create a thinner line as you go in towards the inner corner of your eye. We do this because naturally everyone’s eyes get smaller in towards their inner corner so its important that your liner does too! 

Fill in the body of your winged liner ensuring that you stay within the lines you just created! If the shape of your wing isn’t the way you want it, don’t panic! We’ll be using concealer to help with that. 

Grab some concealer and a flat concealer brush! This is a life saver if your wing needs a bit of tidying up. It helps to sharpen and recreate the desired shape if needed! 

Offload some concealer below the wing as you don’t want to bring too much product near it in case you wipe it away! This gives you a little more control when cleaning up! 

Drag your concealer brush under the bottom liner of your wing towards your temple to create a sharp crisp wing! There you have it the perfect winged liner!! 


  • The lighter the pressure the easier it will be trust me! Tickle your brush against your skin to create a thin line! Too much pressure creates the brush to lose shape and create a thick line. 
  • The thinner the brush the better! Gives you more control when creating the wing. 
  • Do not fear gel liner! It senses it and tries to play you! You got this gurl!  
  • Concealer is your best friend! Even if your wing has gone completely wrong, trust the process! Concealer is more than likely going to save the day so don’t panic.