ITEC ITEC Diploma in Fashion, Theatre
and Media MakeUp

About the course

This ITEC Diploma is the must have diploma in the makeup Industry.

You will start off from beginners level, right up to Advanced / Expert level.

This comprehensive course is designed to teach all the skills, knowledge, techniques and practical experience required to work at the highest level as a Professional Makeup artist in the Industry, and covers everything from skincare, beauty makeup to fashion, photographic and amazing SFX.


Course Content

  • Skin and Skin Analysis
  • Perfecting Winged Liner
  • Contra-indications and Contra-actions to Makeup
  • Flawless complexion; correcting and concealing
  • Lighting and effects on Makeup
  • Face Charts
  • Day Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Special Occasion Makeup


  • Evening Makeup
  • Psoriasis, acne, impetigo, herpes and more
  • Smokey Eye
  • False Lash Application (strip and individual)
  • Skin Tones
  • Face, eye, nose and lip shapes
  • Contouring
  • Cosmetic Science
  • Client Consultation
  • Product Knowledge


Course Content

  • In-depth Skincare and Analysis
  • Recapping Contraindications and contra-actions to Makeup
  • Effects of lighting on Makeup
  • Principles of Colour
  • Artist Preparation
  • Working to a script
  • Hygene and sterilisation
  • Brow artistry
  • Perfecting blending and application techniques


  • Black & White Photography Makeup
  • Eyeliner Techniques
  • Dramatic / Glamarous Makeup
  • Film / TV Makeup
  • Brow Blocking
  • Fashion and Catwalk Makeup
  • Fantasy Makeup (create your own fantasy character)
  • Trend Makeup
  • Peroid and Era Makeup
  • Female-Male makeup
  • Avant Garde Makeup
  • Indusrty Skills: Working as a Makeup artist


Course Content

  • Period Makeup
  • Elizabethan
  • Geisha
  • Working with latex
  • Blocking out brows
  • Using prosthetic pieces
  • Theatrical aging
  • Injury and Trauma makeup
  • Skin Conditions and disorders


  • Psoriasis, acne, impetigo, herpes and more
  • Tattoos
  • Drug addict effect makeup
  • Fitting and removing bald cap
  • Applying facial hair
  • Character makeup
  • Female-male
  • Face/body painting
  • Airbrushing
  • Stage and Drag makeup

The course takes place over 2 days (10:30am-16:00pm) a week for 32 weeks.


Course Duration


The course is delivered by fully registered ITEC tutors with a wealth of experience within all aspects of the industry.

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  • 3050 plus ITEC exam fees

Payment Plan

€450 non-refundable deposit

€400 to be paid two weeks before start date

€100 per week for 22 weeks

Course Price Includes

  • Urban Decay Masterclass
  • FXMA Brush Set
  • Literature
  • Work experience
  • Discount Cards for major brands
  • Professional Images

€100 discount if course is paid up front.