Our Tutor Sophie on how to she got into teaching makeup

I was always really interested in makeup growing up, i Finished school in 2009 and I went to university and worked part-time for 3 years, during this time I constantly had people tell me I should get into makeup professionally, it wasnt really a huge thing when I grew up so makeup was always a hobby.

I finished university and started working full-time and this is where I decided i wanted to do #makeup, when i first started doing my ITEC Cert in Makeup I only did it so I could learn how to do my own Makeup properly, this then fed a new obsession of makeup throughout the 3 months of my course. I the decided I wanted to be a makeup artist towards the middle of course it hit me, I loved makeup and I had a talent. I decided to progress straight away onto my ITEC Advanced Cert in Fashion, Media, Theatre and SFX and get my Diploma in Makeup!

This next course was September to May and it was run on 3 evenings a week! I worked 5 days a week full-time and I studied 3 evenings out of my 5 working days, it was tough, there was times I felt like giving up, I couldn’t do it anymore, I was tired, work was hard, I was swamped in college work but I said feck this I have come so far there isn’t long left and I would hold a Diploma at the end of it!

I qualified with a Distinction in my Diploma in Makeup which is hard to get but I put my everything into it to get my Diploma, start a new career, open more doors and feed this new obsession that I had!

As I studied my Diploma in Makeup, I started working on counter with Clinique I didn’t wait to be qualified, i am very determined as a person and I didn’t want to wait, I wanted in on counter for experience so I could progress onto bigger things in the industry!

I then finished my diploma, worked on counter and then went to Inglot for a year to get my proper makeup counter training and get more confidence in make overs, timing and working in a tough industry!

I loved every minute of it! While i worked in Inglot, I became qualified in HD Brows another new obsession for me!

I then got to stage in Inglot where i wanted more and I started to work for FXMA in 2016. I had my 2 years experience working in the industry on counter or for a makeup brand, I then went to complete a teaching course as PER ITEC requirements and I trained under Emma to become the teacher I am today!

While teaching I completed more and more courses, for ITEC we need this for continual professional development. I completed my Diploma in Beauty, Gel Polish, Lash extensions, Hair styling, Brow Lamination and much more!

Im now full-time makeup and beauty tutor with FXMA nearly 5 years and I absolutely love it!

My point to this blog post is to inspire, to help students figure out what they want to accomplish after they complete their course and gain qualifications. Reach for the stars, dont let anyone or anything take this amazing opportunity away!

Please dont stop at the course you are currently studying, enroll onto a new course a higher level or new course completely the more qualifications you have under your name the better! The more doors open, the more confidence you have, the more knowledge and skill you have and the better chance at an amazing career with many qualifications under your name!

Makeup and Beauty as professions are two totally different paths but are both amazing treatments and qualifications to teach on to people to give them successful careers, teaching is one of the most amazing jobs to have, its fun, you get show demos, tips, tricks and see students accomplish so much in each class. So i want to see all my student progress and invest but have an amazing time doing it!