ITEC Advanced Certificate in Fashion, Media, Theatre and SFX Makeup 2024


The ITEC advanced certificate in fashion, media and theatre makeup in an internationally recognised qualification of the highest standard in the makeup and beauty industry. This course is the highest qualification to obtain within the makeup industry. This course runs on a part- time basis, one days a week (10:30-16:00) for 32 weeks


The advanced makeup course is suitable for those looking to progress further in depth into professional makeup artistry. You must have covered the ITEC certificate in makeup to progress to the advanced course.

Start Date:

October 2024


FXMA Dublin 2



€2250  ITEC exam fees paid seperately!

Special effects kit is required to be purchased.


How does our payment plan work

Our payment plan for this course is €250 deposit, €300 first day, €50 a week until payment complete.

Additional costs; ITEC exam fees, SFX kit, makeup book



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