perfect makeup routine

Top 10 tips to the perfect makeup

  1. Prep the skin: always ensure you have a clean base for cleansing and moisturizing the skin
  2. Prime before foundation: Use a primer to create a soft, smooth effect on the skin. Always ensure you use the correct primer for your skin type!
  3. Select the correct foundation colour: do a stripe test to ensure you select the correct under tone and colour to match your skin.
  4. Blend blend blend! blend your foundation evenly all over ensuring you blend correctly make sure you have no patches or an uneven base and it will be flawless all over
  5. Conceal: Use concealer on the eye lid, under the eye and on any imperfections! Tip: use a slightly lighter shade to highlight and brighten the eyes, don’t use a light shade over spots as this will make them more prominent 😮
  6. Set that base honey!! Use a translucent powder to set the base this will prevent the foundation from going blotchy and cakey.
  7. Brows: depending on how you like your brows fill them in to create more definition on the face and lift the eye area!
  8. Eyes: Apply your eye-shadow and create a nice soft smokey eye for added definition on the eyes, use mascara to lift and voluminze the lashes. Remember: what goes up must come down 🙂
  9. Blusher/ bronzer/ highlight: Add blusher for a healthy glow, bronzer for colour and to shape the face and highlight to make those cheekbones pop!!
  10. Lips: use a lip liner to shape the lips and lipstick to add some colour to those fab lips! Tip: use a slightly darker tone for your lip liner to make your lips pop!!

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